The Department of Redundancy Department is a surrealist sketch comedy group based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Our absurdist performance art deconstructs the gestalt of modern consciousness, and humps its leg.

The Department of Redundancy Department was founded in 2004 by Rick Bivens, Kenn Penn, and Antoine Valot. All three were born on the second day of the second month. All three share a grand vision that humanity shall be saved through the immense transcendent powers of surrealistic absurdist comedy and of sausage.

Our plays are performed nearly every month at the Bug Theatre’s Freak Train event. Twelve of them have also been gathered together into the upcoming full-scale production of the Ten Buddhist Tales, which will be performed at the Bug Theatre in March 2009.

The Department of Redundancy Department is funded in part by a grant from the Dick Wood Johnson Endowment, and by contributions from suckers like you. Thank you.