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Das Poodle


Poodong trains his unruly dog to be more disciplined. Even as Poodle vanquishes Oogalpolf, his training is reinforced…

¡Salchicha, mi Amor!


Plankton and Bob muse about the true center of Buddhist thought, while ending the suffering of sentient beings around them, in a most western, judeo-christian fashion. Upon reaching epiphany, they dance for joy…

Bargaining With Metalsmithing: A Contest


Vermilloff performs the sausage dedication ceremony. When he is interrupted by Aarghholff and Oogalpolf, his vision becomes impaired… Our fourth show, performed at the Bug Theatre’s Freak Train on Monday September 27, 2004. Written by and starring Rick Bivens, Kenn Penn and Antoine Valot Directed by Antoine Valot

My Father (An Hommage to John S. Hall)


An hommage to John S. Hall’s poem in hommage to his father.

Sausage All Of Us (Ten Buddhist Tales, Part 2)


Lipton, Honoré and Monroe ponder the vicissitudes of disease, sausage, and hiding one’s meds. When pressed by the Orderly for a reasonable course of action, they instead come upon a life-changing revelation…

Waiting For Waiting For Godot


Spinach and Trombone are two lost souls, sitting in apparent oblivion for a play that is never performed. But they waiting is not entirely absurd. They encounter the director and set designer, with only minor bodily harm. Our first show, performed at the Bug Theatre’s Freak Train, on January 27, 2004. Written and Directed by […]